Reynaldo by Dan Childs (International College Film Competition Winner)


Reynaldo by Dan Childs
Screening Sunday, February 16th

Reynaldo lives in the Rainforest region of Manu in Peru. Early on in his life he was a farmer and cleared the forest for his crops, moving to new land when the soil turned barren. After many years he realized he needed to change the way he lived, to live a more sustainable life. He taught himself agroforestry, a method of farming which works alongside nature; the crops feed the soil and trees provide shade and protection from the wind. Now he helps farmers all across the region to work in this way, also helping families to grow their own food, battling malnutrition. Reynaldo reveres the forest and has a passion to help keep it alive. By helping people to change the way they live and work he is helping build a future for people and forest alike.

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