GMO OMG by Jeremy Seifert

Screening Sunday, February 16th @ 7:00 pm

GMO OMG director and concerned father Jeremy Seifert is in search of answers. How do GMOs affect our children, the health of our planet, and our freedom of choice? And perhaps the ultimate question, which Seifert tests himself: is it even possible to reject the food system currently in place, or have we lost something we can’t gain back? These and other questions take Seifert on a journey from his family’s table to Haiti, Paris, Norway, and the lobby of agra-giant Monsanto, from which he is unceremoniously ejected. Along the way we gain insight into a question that is of growing concern to citizens the world over: what’s on your plate?

Cinema Verde announces 2012 Film Awards

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Deep Green rates Best in Show at Cinema Verde Environmental Film and Arts Festival; Confessions of an EcoTerrorist takes Audience Choice

The Cinema Verde Film and Arts Festival has released the list of names and award winners for films included in the 2012 film festival, with Deep Green receiving the Best in Show award.

During the eight day festival, hundreds of attendees participated in an eco-fair, art walk, art exhibits, premiere Vintage Verde fashion show, and a multitude of films presented at Villa East, thanks to Cinema Verde’s generous sponsors, Celebrations Catering and Sound Ideas, which provided a state-of-the-art audio system.

Directed, produced, and written by Matt Briggs, Deep Green is a 57-minute solutions oriented documentary exhibiting the best worldwide applications in energy efficiency, green building, de-carbonizing transportation, sustainable agriculture, renewable energy, smart grids, and forest restoration. Mr. Briggs joined us in Gainesville for the screening of Deep Green on the final night of Cinema Verde 2012, and while in town he visited with several classes at area middle schools. “I impacted more than 500 people through the schools,” Briggs said, very pleased. “I gave each student a copy of my film and asked them to make sure to pass it along to another person when they’ve watched it.”

Peter Brown, Director of Audience Choice award winner Confessions of an Eco-Terrorist, also visited Cinema Verde, on hand for the VIP Reception Opening Night and staying for three days so he could speak with audiences following the film’s screening. He also visited the student group Gators Going Green at the University of Florida. “These college guys are my biggest fans,” said the star of Whale Wars, a television series much like the film, documenting the escapades of the Sea Shepherd vessels that troll the seas protecting wildlife from greedy poachers.

A complete list of the Cinema Verde Award winners follows and trailers of the awarded films can be viewed at our website:

Trish Riley, Director of Cinema Verde, is excited. “Cinema Verde 2012 was our third and best year; we are thrilled to get started now creating an even better festival for 2013. We are grateful to the special guests who joined our audiences, our dozens of volunteers, and our generous sponsors. Our venue and custom sound system were just delightful.”

Cinema Verde’s mission is to provide environmental education to the public and foster implementation of sustainable solutions to help forge a healthier future for all.