Volunteer Opportunities

Want to get involved?  Our community has been incredibly enthusiastic about the festival, creating a wealth of support for our activities.

THANKS to all of our volunteers for your amazing support!

We work with about a dozen interns per semester, and we all have a good time making Cinema Verde and GoGreenNation into evermore valuable products to broaden the reach of environmental education and sustainable solutions to the public. As a national award-winning environmental journalist and author plus founder of both www.GoGreenNation.org and Cinema Verde, I am pleased to mentor students interested in journalism and authorship, environmental issues and entrepreneurialism.

Students who work with Cinema Verde and GoGreenNation.org have the chance to learn about environmental issues, help establish professional systems and practices for start-up ventures, develop entrepreneurial skills as well as journalism, marketing, business, event planning, film and other professional interests. Our best interns are self-motivated and enjoy applying their academic knowledge to our procedures in an effort to continually improve our service delivery plans. We welcome new ideas and the enthusiasm to turn them into reality.

We welcome interns to help Cinema Verde continue down the path of success – please review these job descriptions and let us know how you’d like to be involved!

  • Administrative assistants
  • Advertising interns
  • Sales
  • Event organizers
  • Journalists
  • Marketing and PR specialists
  • Web site manager
  • Graphic design interns
  • Grant writer
  • Business student interns
  • Volunteer coordinator

Intern Job Description

Cinema Verde Intern-Volunteer Application

Contact: trish@cinemaverde.org

Below are some quotes from our current and previous interns about their experiences with Cinema Verde:

1891081_10152221876509699_1250589705_n“Interning at Cinema Verde was a great experience. It allowed me to collaborate and connect w1926720_10152221875564699_1252632292_nith passionate people with important aims. Watching the festival take shape was enormously rewarding. Trish and the gang are pleasant, flexible, and encourage you to bring your own special skills to the table. I lived in Gainesville for 2 years before interning at Cinema Verde, but it was during my tenure there that I felt like a legitimate member of the community for the first time. I highly recommend getting involved.”

    – Gabriel E. Marchisio, Jr.
Major: Telecommunications—Production at UF
Cinema Verde 2013

“I enjoy working with other interns and attending different Cinema Verde events because I meet local officials or local executives from different organizations and businesses. It pushes me to excel and learn from others.  I find very useful that everyone is very cooperative toward each other. There is a massive effort from everyone who volunteers and interns there.  I would definitely recommend interning or volunteering because it will help you get out there and meet individuals that could open your path into the workforce. Not only will you work for this organization but you will learn from the experience of working for a non-profit. It will open your mind about working for local communities rather than big corporations.  Cinema Verde is pushing me toward the marketing perspective, which will be useful for me when I start my own non-profit in a potential future.”

–        Alicia Rubio
Major: Sustainability and Built Environment at UF
Cinema Verde 2013

 “I like working here.  Flexible schedule.  Not menial tasks, doing something meaningful.  This is my first experience with marketing and getting sponsors.”

–   Sherry-Xuegi Xiao
Cinema Verde 2013

  “When I look back on my internship with Cinema Verde, I think about how life changing it all was and how no other internship could ever replace it. I learned a lot about Nonprofits, how they work, how to get them started and when you aren’t paying anyone to help you, appreciate the help that you receive. I was lucky to work amongst a young, ambitious and talented group of people. I was thrown in unfamiliar situations that I am so thankful for now because it helped me learn how to handle the unfamiliar and most importantly, I was able to work with people who had a burning passion for what they did. I realized that if you love something, chances are there are others out there who love the same thing and when you get a group of people who all are passionate about something then there is no stopping them. Cinema Verde had little to no money, but we made it work by dedicating and putting in the time to make the 8-day Environmental Film and Arts festival come alive.”

–        Colleen Kennedy
Marketing and Communications, Sephora
Cinema Verde 2012

 “While working with Cinema Verde, I had the privilege to work alongside environmentalists, artists, the press, and film enthusiasts from the North Central Florida community.  I applied my skills in media relations and worked with a talented team of individuals and student interns whose main goal was to not only create an alternative film and arts festival but to also shed light to important environmental concerns.  Unlike other festivals, I find Cinema Verde to be a fascinating event that attracts audience members from all different backgrounds, and inspires change from each and every one of us, simply by being exposed to a piece of artwork or an award-winning documentary.”

–        Alisha Skye Kinman
Director of Marketing and Public Relations, Chamber of Commerce
Cinema Verde 2011

 “I spent two years interning for Cinema Verde, and wouldn’t exchange it for any other position in Gainesville. Working closely with Trish was very special for me, as I was able to see first-hand what hard work and dedication can really amount to. I have a tremendous amount of respect for her, as well as many of the people I worked with in making the festival a reality. I benefited so much from my time with Cinema Verde – from gaining hands-on experience in working for a non-profit organization, to becoming much more knowledgeable about environmental issues affecting us on both a local and global level.”

–        Lani Hollander
Boston University Master’s Candidate, International Relations and Environmental Policy

 “I enjoyed working as an intern for Cinema Verde. I was in an intern there for two years. I took on many roles with in the organization and learned a vast variety of tools for my future endeavors. I got to participate in many events around the Gainesville community, which led to meeting many contacts around the area. I negotiated and planned events with community outreach companies and marketing. I helped with advertising and graphic design by designing posters for the festival and by working in the community to get the word out about events like Greens Drinks and Cinema Verde’s yearly environmental Film and Art Festival. I had the opportunity to host and plan the Vintage Verde Fashion show. I also was in charge of coordinating and selecting musical performances at the festivals. I went over budget arrangements and negotiated profits with the musicians. I also got the opportunity to use social media outlets to advertise and market for Cinema Verde. Not only did I get many opportunities to work and grow, I had many fun memories and made many great friends in the process.”  

Michelle Rose Murphy, UF Graduate 2013, Cinema Verde 2012, 2013